Mar 17, 2016

HR Fact of The Week: 3/17/2016

Drivers of Employee Engagement: Individual Workload

According to research into the Key Drivers of Employee Engagement, Individual Workload directly impacts how engaged an employee is in his job. Individual Workload refers to whether the employee feels the amount of work he/she is asked to do is acceptable, and whether there are enough people available to handle the workload of any given team.

This driver makes intuitive sense: if you feel you are continuously being overloaded with work, to the point where you cannot produce results at your desired quality or speed, you will likely get discouraged. This discouragement can manifest itself through stress, burnout, resentment, or in other ways that are part and parcel of disengagement. However, if you are able to handle your workload and are not constantly feeling overwhelmed, engagement levels will be less likely to suffer.

As a manager, you can support employee engagement, in part, by ensuring you are aware of employees’ projects, are willing to listen when they are feeling challenged, and make an effort to divide the work among your team.

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